Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trade and Grade

Good morning everyone!! I am so excited to share with you that I have the privilege of being able to "grade" Creativity to the Core's Penguin Close Read Passages
This was FANTASTIC. 
I live in Texas, so we don't actually have a requirement to do close reads, so I honestly haven't been looking into them until Meredith started creating her packs. She's a good friend and I was able to go to her with all of the questions of why, how, what, explain this idea of close reads to me. Needless to say, I am in love with the explicit rigor that is required in using close reads. I'm so hooked I can't wait to get their Monday and get ALL my kiddos on close reads. Wish I had started in August, but now I know.

We dove into the first day and my girls were loving it. They took away from the table quite a bit of knowledge about penguins that they never had before, obviously being from Texas ;) A couple of the girls were so excited they were ready to read books about penguins! HELLLLOOO music to my ears!!! 

Here are some action shots! If you haven't seen any of her close reads GO NOW. They are amazing, she put in so much work and effort into them and I am impressed - for SURE! 

KID APPROVED in my classroom! They loved it! :) 

If you would like to see her multiple close read packets - head to her blog 

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Currently January

Good afternoon!!!! I once again have linked up with Farley for January currently. As promised, one of my new goals of the new year is to blog MORE! I need to reach people with my products. It doesn't help that I know how well they work for my students if I don't show you all!!!!!

Listening - It has been football day round here in the Thomas household. I'm not complaining at all. I love it. Sometimes I even have to ask my husband to turn on whatever game is on. It's quite sad ;) 

Loving - My husband. Gosh he's such a goofball. That Nissan car commercial where the cars are in a snowy "skate ramp" and they are acting like skateboards he was giving me so much crap telling me how real it was and acting like he was so into it. He even made me rewind the TV to watch it because he kept saying how cool it was. He's a mess haha!!!

Thinking - I have so much crap to do. I don't even care right now hahah. It's fine. It's only Thursday. (Look at this awesome procrastination, way to start off 2015 Cassie)

Wanting - The best thing I ate all Christmas was lemon cake from my Grandma Betty's. I just want it RIGHT NOW. ALL THE TIME. 

Needing - Like I said, procrastination. Awesome. 

Yes to eating healthier and yoga. Yoga helps me SO much and I am so excited to explore this. I usually eat healthy, but my husband makes it hard. I am doing the 10 day cleanse from advocare and recently found spark so I am doing great with energy levels right now. 
Maybe to really needing to practice stress free. So I'm saying MAYBE 2015 can be that year. Just maybe!
I wish my parents would hurry up and get closer to me. 10 hours is such a ridiculous distance. I miss them, and need my Momma at school with me some times!

Go link up! I'll talk to you all later!

Happy NEW YEAR!!!  

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