Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do You Dojo?

Hey there friends! Tomorrow is the big boost sale over at TPT! I am super excited! I can grab some more goodies! 

I am here today to talk about a friend of mine, Alexis, over at Laugh. Eat. Learn. She has created these SUPER cute DOJO bucks for Dojo Behavior System.

So, do you dojo?
If you don't, and you are looking for a behavior management system, I totally recommend. Especially in Texas with our new financial responsibility TEKS, she has incorporated using dojo bucks into her reward system. 

I quote, "I used the money in two ways. 1. They could earn the physical money for on the spot things. I would give the money away for groups that were ready first or students who were standing silent in line while the rest of the class was chatting away. 2. They could earn virtual money through the Class Dojo "Bank Account" for working hard in cooperative table groups, guided groups or carpet time. I would always challenge the table groups to earn their own points and by the end of the week you could cash that out as well. "

I just LOVE this! Money money money. Teach them how to handle that bank account at a low age. (As a teacher I wish I knew what budget meant, but hey ;) haha) 

Here are some previews of her product!

You can find her bundle here and on sale tomorrow for the big sale!!

You won't want to miss it!! :) 

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet The Teacher Linky

Hey all! 
I haven't blogged in awhile, life has been hectic. But tomorrow is my first "official" day back so I figured I should get this in since I just hit 100 bloglovin' followers - Thanks y'all! :) 
I have linked up with Falling Into First for Meet the Teacher! I love this idea, so thank YOU! 

So, hey y'all! I am Cassie Thomas! I just turned 25 on August 5 and am entering my 2nd year teaching. Before this I was a Pre-K assistant, as well as a head start teacher. BUT -- teaching is my calling and I am BEYOND passionate about what I do. Last year I taught kindergarten and this year I'm teaching ELA 3rd grade. Could NOT be more excited!! :) 

This is my wonderful husband, my all time best friend. We were married on October 19, 2013 and started dating October 19, 2007. It's been an amazing, wild, crazy, happy, emotional ride together. 
Here's 2007

and here's our wedding day last year. 

We have a beautiful little fur baby named Lyla. We share the SAME birthday, and she just turned 5! 

These are a few of my favorite things...
 Sleeping. Reading to learn and reading for enjoyment. Any body of water, at all. Going to concerts. The music I listen to. Watching crime shows, PLL, Big Bang Theory, random things. 

If you weren't a teacher, what would you want to be?
I have no idea. I have never thought about it. This has been my dream since I was a child. 

Three Little Words That Describe You.
Lover. Passionate. Happy. 

Finish the Sentence, "_______, said no teacher ever!!"
Please pull me out of class every day for meetings, said no teacher ever. ;)

It's your birthday and you can invite anyone (dead or alive) to the party. Who are you inviting?
 Alive - My family, my best friends, and all of my blogger buddies :) I would want American Aquarium and Turnpike Troubadours to play :) 
Dead - My grandparents. 

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would be the title?
And Just Like That, Her Day Was Over. 

You get to pick one superpower. What is it?
FLYING! Hands down! 

What's your favorite quote or saying?

If you had to sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?
I can not carry a tune, I'm 75% deaf in my left ear (fun fact), so I have no idea what I sound like... haha. If I had to pick one, Danny's Song! 

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Depends. A lot of both. I love mornings when I had had enough sleep and my coffee. Right now I'm awake and kickin'. I get a burst of energy around 11pm. Not good.      

What's your favorite resource that you've created in your TPT shop?
I create so much for my own classroom so I love majority of it. But my all time favorite would be my sight word bundle because I used this with my kinder kiddos last year and I just loved how it turned out with them. They LOVED doing this and I was able to work with them and talk to them about each word. 

Share something we might not know about you...
I was adopted by my grandparents, but they're mom and dad. Always. 
Anything else, just ask me! I'll answer em all :) 

I loved this linky so much! Go join up! 

Thanks Stephanie! :) 

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School : Sales, Birthday, Prep!

Well hellooooo! I can not believe STILL that it is August 3. My birthday is in TWO days, I am not ready to be 25. Womp womp. Then I have surgery on Thursday which I am excited about! (It's for my sinuses and deviated septum) 

I am not sure which of you are back to school yet, we go back the 25th with kids. The week before is PD and the week before that August 11-13 I have some PD things I have to go to! I'm trying not to be a total wreck because we haven't received the OK to get into our rooms yet. *Insert super stressed out Cassie face here*

BUT -- I have created quite a bit this summer and I am still creating. Wishing the BTS sale was a week later, but I have a lot in store for you since it is also my birthday MONTH ;) 

Don't miss this!!! I want to show you a few things I have in my cart that I couldn't say no to, and a few things I've created that I think will help you with your BTS blues :) 

So first things first, I am OBSESSED with Krista Wallden over at Creative Clips. Majority of my products include her clipart. I  have had her monthly memberships since they've started as well as the Summer VIP -- SO WORTH IT. Get it. Now. If you haven't. So with that being said, two things in my cart already are 
I just can't not get this. It's such a good deal. 

Now that I'm moving to third grade and I read over our standards as well as listen to the veteran teachers on what the kids come in having trouble with there are certain things I need for next year that I will buy and in the end create similar but differentiated products because, well, not every student is the same, right? So, I have joined the Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd fan club by putting in my cart this: 
It covers SO much of what for some reason we refresh with our kiddos. So I'm excited to see how she puts things together and get her products in my Daily 5 rotations.

I have a few other things in my cart, but these are the biggies for me right now. 

As for what you SHOULD purchase from me ;) 

I just created the neatest little BTS cubes you can get here

They're only $1!
I also love all of the posters and labels I've created. 

you can find everything here in my TPT store !

Do you know what this means?! I am going to giveaway a secret surprise on my birthday!!! So you'll have to stay tuned. 
BUT my birthday is August 5 on Tuesday, during the sale, if you buy something, you can get something for FREE from my store (equal or lesser value) 

Also, every day of the sale I will mark my most wishlisted items at random to $1, you have to figure out which items are at $1. Tricky tricky I know. ;) 

Be on the look for a 3 of these to be randomly at $1 on certain days

Love you guys!! Don't forget to check back with me on Tuesday!!! :) 

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently: August Style!

I am linking up with Farley for my currently again! I can NOT believe it August. Holy smokes, y'all! I just know its day 1 and this month is JAMMED PACK! 
My husband is home and he's playing xbox, it was on mute, and now he started a game and the commentators and all that are talking. Boring. :P 
I'm so excited for Momma to get here!!! She helps me stay sane during back to school chaos, and my birthday is Tuesday the 5th so we will get some QGT (quality girl time) for that too :) 
She also is here to be my driver during my surgery on Thursday since Husband works out of town so much. I am getting balloon sinuplasting and surgery on my deviated septum. Really, it can't get here fast enough!!!
I don't know what I want for my birthday? Husband keeps asking me, and I have no idea???? As bad as it sounds, I just want to do stuff. I work work work when I am sitting at home so if I get out of the house I know I'll at least enjoy myself.
Then leads to me thinking about all of this other stuff I should be doing.... 
I'm also realllly excited for an Austin blogger buddy meet up!!! Lots of faces I can finally put to names!:) 
I am the one who can't get into school yet. They started tearing up floors and have no idea what else, so I can't get in. I'm moving grade levels and I need to get it. Badly. I'm trying not to stress. I think if I get to work on stuff here I can feel somewhat more prepared walking in. 
I have three PD books I want to read completely before school starts (on August 25) ha. I am slacking.
I have The Book Whisperer, Literacy Stations by Debbie Diller, and Crash Course I NEED to read ASAP! 
Comment if you have read them and convince me to get started RIGHT NOW. Maybe that will help :) 
1st day back is August 25. I'm so excited really, sounds crazy, but I go nuts sitting at home. I'm just reading to dive head first into this new school year in 3rd grade!!! 

Love y'all! I'll be having a big sale coming up for my birthday and some giveaways!
Stay tuned lovelies:)

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