Sunday, September 6, 2015

Laborless BlogHop 2015

Hello everyone!

Main Graphic Laborless

It is Finally here!

Today I am linking with Laura from Where the Magic Happens, Krista from Teaching Momster, and Lisa from PAWsitively Teaching! I have joined forces once again with my bloggy friends to bring you the best, most amazing giveaway on this Labor Day weekend!
All of us have been thinking about  good ways in which to treat our readers and followers.   We thought hard, and I mean it! Really, really hard… and decided that  we can treat you to our best ideas to work smarter rather than harder… at school and home!
I know what it takes to be a great teacher, the stress, the time, the energy… I could go on and on! I also know that we crave time to ourselves and our families.

So here I go!


I am ALL about saving time the best way I can in my classroom!!! One thing I have made sure to do is create sheets to document absolutely EVERYTHING. I can not keep up with documentation strictly on the computer, I have to write it down! I downloaded Reagan Tunstall's behavior sheets - I use those as anecdotal behavior records, and then I created a few sheets to keep up with different documentation myself! Here are just a couple I use:

Right now there is absolutely no unwinding for me. I'm so overwhelmed with this year and working to get my kids to where they feel confident and will pass the dang state test, and also trying to keep myself in check to have my baby in a couple weeks. 
But before baby --- my unwind was definitely:

Just to get started with organization and making your life easier, put everything in binders! How can you have binders that are boring as a teacher? You can't! :) So I created these super cute editable binder covers!

Top all these great tips and ideas  with these top-notch prizes!

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Thank you for reading! And now don't be silly and get your hands all over this awesome giveaway!!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Currently!

Oh BOYYYY --- this is the big month for me and my precious little Gunner! He could be making his appearance ANY DAY now and I am SO SO SO SO ready!!! 

I love linking up with my sweet friend Farley for monthly currently - it has been the one link up I have been faithful with. Not sure why, but I love it! :) 

Castle. Always my go-to when I get home and what I watched all summer long. I really need a new obsession, but I am not over Castle yet. He reminds me of my husband so much so when Chance is out of town working it makes me feel better. 

There are several things I'm loving currently.
1. It's almost fall. UMM - the -er months are upon us and my heart is HAPPPPPPY.

2. My son is almost here! There is a slight chance he could be coming THIS WEEKEND, but that depends on my fluid levels, so we will see. If not - any time!!! I can not wait to see this sweet face and love all over him!

3. This school year. It's going to be super challenging, but I have my babies from last year PLUS new babies. Looping is seriously the best. I don't know why this isn't implemented all over!!

Here are some of my babies from last year that are with me this year! 

We are about to be parents! 

My body back! My son in my arms! This school year to be AMAZING and full of miracles! My students to ALL be successful! My maternity leave to be PERFECT! My practicum to be A+ worthy! My life to slow down after baby gets here (HA!)


Three Goals: 
1. Mommy first 
I have got to remember that Gunner and my husband come first after he arrives. School has always been so important to me, and it's not that those children are no longer important, but I need to be the best mommy I can be.
2. I have got to learn this. Stress less - live more. Time is all that we have that is ours and I can't spend any more days worrying. 
3. Miracles - I am really nervous about my students and the STAAR writing. I always say I can not perform miracles, but these babies have the potential and I will work to get them there (but reminding myself of number 1 goal as well!) 

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