Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Primary Pack: Back to School BLOG HOP!

Hey everyone!!! I am so glad you are here for our amazing giveaway with The Primary Pack group! 
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I am here to give you a 3..2...1..

I have 3 tips for back to school
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ABOUT... Building a classroom library! 

Know the ages of your group AND their ability level.

Students do not want to be in 2nd grade and just constantly see books they can't read. It's scary and it also decreases their confidence. 
Make sure that the books you put out reach ALL levels of students, but allow students growth. 

Genres, genres, genres.

One of the best tips I was ever given was to make sure you have non-fiction as well as multiple areas of fiction in my library. A lot of boys may or may not be interested in fiction novels. We want to ensure as teachers there is availability of interest for EVERY CHILD. They also need to learn all of these genres, so having them right on hand makes your job easier as well.

Read the books you have!!! Even if you don't like them, start them at least. Cliff note them, anything! It's time consuming, but to be able to help a reluctant reader find a book that turns them around is one of the most amazing feelings. 

Think of Miss Malarky Leaves No Reader Behind!!!!

One final tip: If you are an upper elementary reading teacher PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller - It is life changing! 


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  1. Your Rafflecopter links are not opening. Please advise!

    1. The facebook one is working for me? But the Instagram one won't because I do not have the paid version of rafflecopter so it just requires the person to go to their instagram and follow. The first one is the only mandatory one. :) Thank you!