Thursday, August 6, 2015

Peek into My Classroom Decor

It's that time!!! You're seeing all these posts of everyone's beautiful new classrooms and all of their decorations - I have to say I'm getting super jealous. I am so ready to get into my room and get it the most perfect way, that I can! It's so much work, but I have so much fun decorating! 
My theme and style has definitely evolved in the last few years. I went from LOUD, COLORFUL, and BUSY to dulling down with primary colors and throwing in black, to this year tribal print, pastels, blacks/browns, and home decor. 
Meaning - my house looks like a cabin, we have a camo chair, deer everywhere, bronze color, hunting style, etc. and I wanted to bring this into my classroom but make it more girlie - since my house is basically all my husbands style ;) I love it too though so I can't complain.

I wanted to share with you some things I created for my room since I am not in there yet, which I will post about that whenever I get it finished (at nine months pregnant ha!) AND offer a freebie of my subway art posters that I'm using. I LOVE the idea of inspirational posters and having the students write about what they mean to them. Hope King did a wonderful post about how she implemented it with she taught primary and I am working that into my daily lesson as well with all of the inspirational posters. You can find her post here

So this year I am JUST teaching writing and we have three rotations - that's why my containers say Class 1,2,3. Also I have such an assortment of pencils, I needed a BIG space to hold them. 

Okay so I know some things are crooked, don't judge me haha. It was like midnight last night when I was taping those labels in there. There's one blank cause I'm still not sure what I want in there. :) If you have any ideas, share please! If you would like these labels just let me know and I'll add them to my store! 
Hand signals. SO important. Keep my kids from getting up constantly and interrupting and this way I can just look at them and nod yes or no. The sharpening pencil fiasco is going to get to a minimum this year. I just can't deal. ;) 

These are a sneak into what my focus wall labels look like. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a focus wall! I already have my grammar signs printed too from Gretchen Bernabei's books to post up for my kiddos. 

This is my voice chart. It looks crooked, I think it's the way the hot glue stuck on the burlap. I will have to fix it, or not. I'm really not that picky:) 

These are my cursive letters from my burlap pack in my store. Click on the picture to take you to the link if you are needing some plain letters! 

Here are my rules! I loooove them. I'm so excited to hang these up for my kids this year. Short, sweet, and to the point! 

Last but not least, my inspirational posters!

I made it big so you can read them! I LOOOOVE. My walls in my new classroom are a purple color so I am trying to make sure my colors tone down the purple! I may add a couple more, just depends. 
I plan to have them journal about one a week and what the meaning of the quote is to them in their Friday journal. Make them think ;) 

You can download these here: 

If you download please let me know in the comments! I love to hear of those who are using and liking my things!!
I hope you have a great school year!!! Can't wait to see pictures! 

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  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!! It'll be great when you have it all together.

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  2. I love the tribal feel of your classroom. What fonts did you use? I think I want to try a similar combination.

  3. Love your theme!!! I'm going with a tribal, nature theme this year as well...soooo exciting!
    Can you add your toolbox labels as well as the copy, file ones to your TPT store? I NEED IT lol