Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Currently

It's August - My birthday month - THE BIG 26!!! 

The dreaded month that freaks SO many teachers out yet holds so much excitement!! I am SO ready for August for multiple reasons and I will totally get to that!!! 

I can read this and think of how I am on Sunday's during the school year. Anxious, tired, excited, happy, blessed. All of those in one, for sure!!!! 

So let's get to my currently <3 

Blue Bloods. It's been in the background all day. I am a huge Wahlberg lover, and have recently discovered my newest guilty pleasure. 
EEKS - Donnie Loves Jenny -- I am NOT a reality TV show liker, at all. BUT, they remind me of my husband and I, which makes me wonder if it's real and they really think that way about each other. I question all reality TV, but I love love love them. So I am going to be optimistic. Don't ruin it for me, k? :) 

Absolutely all of my new classroom decor ideas. I am going tribal print/pastels/home feeling. I am obsessed. I can't wait to do a classroom reveal. I printed out some awesome quotes and am taking a lot of pointers from teacher crushes I have, cough*Hope King*cough. Here's a sneak for you! 

Stay tuned, there will be a classroom reveal in a couple of weeks. Hopefully my pregnant self can get it exactly what I am envisioning! 

How much weekends literally SUCK without my husband. His work schedule has been insane the past month or so. I've seen him two days in over a month. It's devastating and I am crazy sad about it, BUT it has allowed me to read a lot and get stuff done around the house. I have been reading a book a night. I finished Rump, Fish in a Tree, and reread Fourth Grade Rats the last two days. I have two huge stacks to get through in a week!!! 

I'm so excited! Do you have any recommendations??? 

The only way I can answer this is completely honestly. 
I want my husband to come home, I want September to be here, I want my birthday to pass (Which is Wednesday August 5) so then I see my husband on Friday, I am so ready to hold my baby boy in September. 
We took maternity pictures last weekend while he was home. I'll share a few. 
This first picture is us, in a nutshell. He's definitely my best friend. 
(see I'm all sappy about him because I want him home haha) 

My friend April took our pictures from Tyler, Texas! She drove all the way down here for us :) Her Husband is the brains behind Daddy Diaries on facebook, he's hilarious and crazy, and she's amazing and super talented. Look them both up on facebook. Her business is called 13:13 Photography! 

To finish going through things for my classroom for next year. The garage is getting cleaned out, yet it's all going into the office. Which I redid and was beautiful just a few weeks ago, did you see it on instagram?! 

It has a lot more decor and stuff around it and on the walls, but I was so excited to share my first painted furniture piece! Junk Gypsy Wanderlust paint - must buy! So amazing!! 

I also have to get the rest of my sub plans done for maternity leave. I'll be there three weeks and then it's 8 weeks gone. Scares the tar out of me, I'm a wreck thinking about leaving my kiddos with someone who doesn't know me, or what I do, or my kids. Ugh. I want to cry! I've got my 100 page binder ready to print and get bound. It's ridiculous. 
Also need to get whatever I think they can use during the TPT back to school sale tomorrow and Tuesday! I have two new back to school products if you are on the look out!!! 

Burlap alphabet and number wall 

I printed the cursive letters for my classroom - so stay tuned again for the reveal ;) 

New Binder Covers

I love this!! I have to do something. I need to create some goodie bags for my new teachers/partners/staff/colleagues and especially the sub coming for me. I even want my kiddos to participate. This sparks some ideas. Stay tuned and I will do a blog post about it after we get school started!!!

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  1. Those pictures are amazing! You are glowing... Can't wait to see you again friend!

  2. HAHAHA! Realizing that summer is over = so absolutely true. It's a struggle! & I love your pictures... I can't wait to see pictures of that little one you're cooking, and hopefully meet both of ya'll [in person] soon ;)

  3. Oh I have so much to say! First, we are big Wahlberg fans too!! We love Wahlburgers and have watched the episode where Johnny Drama auditions for a Chinese commercial at least ten times. Haven't watched Blue Bloods yet, but I hear it's good! Second, your maternity pictures are gorgeous. What an exciting time for you both! (And happy early birthday!) And last, I absolutely love that desk. Love the color and love those pulls!! Glad I found your blog! :)


  4. Such sweet pictures. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    Krazy Town

  5. Ahh, I'm loving your tribal style!! I forced myself not to change themes this year but maybe next year?? Your pics are adorable! Hope the rest of your pregnancy and labor goes smoothly!

    xoxo from ATX :)

  6. Very cool decor theme! I hope you have time to breathe and enjoy the short time with the kiddos. I know your baby is going to be a cutie! :) Your pictures are lovely!

  7. Found your from Farley and so glad I did! That kicking in the bed is so me! Ha! I haven't seen Donnie Loves Jenny but I really like Jenny McCarthy so I bet it's great. Your photos are very beautiful. I understand about prepping for a sub and all the emotions that entails but you can do it. Soon you'll have a beautiful miracle in your arms :) Happy early birthday!!

    Apple Blossoms

  8. I had my first baby at the end of September and only had 3 weeks with my kiddos. Circumstances beyond my control ( such as having 2 subs instead of the one I was promised) made it harder than it needed to be. I came back at the end of November/ beginning of December and we just completely started over. It was a hard few weeks while the kiddos and I got used to each other again, but the nice thing was it took my mind off leaving my baby at daycare. I was too busy to even miss her...that much anyway. :) Now I am prepping for a maternity leave again, only this time in January. (So much better timing! LOL!) And everyone who tells you that once your baby gets here you won't care about having turned your room and your school babies over to someone else is absolutely correct. You will still love your school kids as fiercely as you did before, but you will love someone else even more than you ever thought it was possible to love someone. Congrats momma! And hang in there! You can do this!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  9. I had to click on your link up because I TOO am a Mrs. Thomas! We Thomases must stick together!
    I LOVE your sweet maternity pictures! I'm certain we will get to see some pictures of that sweet baby boy soon!!! Hang in there, Momma! He'll be here before you know it. Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery. I hope your husband comes home soon!

    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments