Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do You Dojo?

Hey there friends! Tomorrow is the big boost sale over at TPT! I am super excited! I can grab some more goodies! 

I am here today to talk about a friend of mine, Alexis, over at Laugh. Eat. Learn. She has created these SUPER cute DOJO bucks for Dojo Behavior System.

So, do you dojo?
If you don't, and you are looking for a behavior management system, I totally recommend. Especially in Texas with our new financial responsibility TEKS, she has incorporated using dojo bucks into her reward system. 

I quote, "I used the money in two ways. 1. They could earn the physical money for on the spot things. I would give the money away for groups that were ready first or students who were standing silent in line while the rest of the class was chatting away. 2. They could earn virtual money through the Class Dojo "Bank Account" for working hard in cooperative table groups, guided groups or carpet time. I would always challenge the table groups to earn their own points and by the end of the week you could cash that out as well. "

I just LOVE this! Money money money. Teach them how to handle that bank account at a low age. (As a teacher I wish I knew what budget meant, but hey ;) haha) 

Here are some previews of her product!

You can find her bundle here and on sale tomorrow for the big sale!!

You won't want to miss it!! :) 

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