Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently & My Classroom

Hello! I have been MIA for far to long I know. I have just a short amount of time right now to get a quick blog post in before I try and nap for about 30 minutes then finish some master's homework and go over my plans for this next week, and cut out centers, then cook dinner, then clean, okay the list is getting longer and I don't like it ;)

I linked up again this month with Farley for currently!

Listening: Well, we have been out of detergent for the last 4 days and I haven't had time, or just didn't want to go to the store to get any. So I made the awesome idea to go to HEB today and it was a madhouse. Note to self: No grocery stores on Labor Day.

Loving: It's so nice to have this extra day. Except I will say not much has went my way this weekend as far as plans and things I wanted to do. I won't get into that. My fault in the end, so here I am on Monday treating it like a Sunday. Bummer.

Thinking: I need to take a nap. Not because I want to, but because I need to rest. I worked over 14 hour days all last week and my body still isn't back to its self. My sinuses are kicking my butt and that's not helping either. I also have master's homework just staring at me. 

Wanting: I want to sleep. All the time. Except my body knows I can't and wakes me up at 7am. Real cool, Cassie, real cool. 
Wine. I mean. Who doesn't love to relax? 
Summer. I miss you. Sorry I treated you like you weren't important, because I miss you now, so terribly.

Needing: To really not be on here, but I miss blogging, and I just am procrastinating. Don't judge me. I know you do it too.

3 trips: I swear, husband and I WILL go to St. Thomas for our much belated honeymoon.
Hawaii is something I want to do with my parents also. It's been a dream of my husband and I's and it would mean the world to me if my mom and dad could go with us :) 
Colorado. Seems so crazy I haven't ever been, but we have two friends who live up there so our plan is to get there. SOON!

So that is my currently. Not too exciting in the life of Cassie, but it's busy. So I guess it's keeping me excited. 

Now on to my classroom this year. It's changed a little since I took these pictures, BUT I love it. It's so much more cozy than last year, and maybe that's why I stayed until around 7 all last week. 
Here is before: 
Not a very good picture I know, and I had already started at this point. I forgot to take pictures AND my iPhone camera is a piece. 
Here is the after :) 

That plain white space now has black folder pocket holders from scholastic. I'll upload a picture soon! They're amazing! 

Have a great rest of your labor day folks!

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  1. Three days weekends are amazing, but I always seem to just procrastinate longer and end up rushing to finish everything on that last day. Maybe one day I'll learn, but probably not...
    Found you through the link up.

    1. I agree. I thought I would get it all done BEFORE Monday. HA. No. Boo. :( Glad to have you! :)

  2. Girl - your list sounds like mine! It's fine until you start saying it out loud and then it some how gets longer when you do!! right?!?! Good luck getting yours all done!! <3

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    1. I know! I was saying it out loud and getting mad at myself at how much it was still growing! Not okay! haha. Good luck with your lists too! I saw you working on your plans on instagram yesterday, I have mine semi done, but I like to go through and really know what I'm doing. :) Thanks for stopping by the page!

  3. Hi! I agree, it looks like most of us have the similar lists. I've been to Hawaii, it's gorgeous. You'll love it! Your classroom looks great! Enjoy the rest of the day. :)

    1. Thank you!! :) I can't wait until I can get there!!!!

  4. Your room looks great, Cassie! And we have the exact same wants. I mean, I haven't written my Currently yet, but I may as well copy and paste yours. Also - why is Vegas for TPT not on your 3 trips list?? ;)


    1. Kristin! I know I'm going anyways ;) hahah! It's our date!! I like knowing others feel like I do. We can suffer together! ha!

  5. Hey, friend! :) Your classroom looks SO great! Your hardworking sure did pay off. Enjoy the time with your kiddos this week!
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)