Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently: August Style!

I am linking up with Farley for my currently again! I can NOT believe it August. Holy smokes, y'all! I just know its day 1 and this month is JAMMED PACK! 
My husband is home and he's playing xbox, it was on mute, and now he started a game and the commentators and all that are talking. Boring. :P 
I'm so excited for Momma to get here!!! She helps me stay sane during back to school chaos, and my birthday is Tuesday the 5th so we will get some QGT (quality girl time) for that too :) 
She also is here to be my driver during my surgery on Thursday since Husband works out of town so much. I am getting balloon sinuplasting and surgery on my deviated septum. Really, it can't get here fast enough!!!
I don't know what I want for my birthday? Husband keeps asking me, and I have no idea???? As bad as it sounds, I just want to do stuff. I work work work when I am sitting at home so if I get out of the house I know I'll at least enjoy myself.
Then leads to me thinking about all of this other stuff I should be doing.... 
I'm also realllly excited for an Austin blogger buddy meet up!!! Lots of faces I can finally put to names!:) 
I am the one who can't get into school yet. They started tearing up floors and have no idea what else, so I can't get in. I'm moving grade levels and I need to get it. Badly. I'm trying not to stress. I think if I get to work on stuff here I can feel somewhat more prepared walking in. 
I have three PD books I want to read completely before school starts (on August 25) ha. I am slacking.
I have The Book Whisperer, Literacy Stations by Debbie Diller, and Crash Course I NEED to read ASAP! 
Comment if you have read them and convince me to get started RIGHT NOW. Maybe that will help :) 
1st day back is August 25. I'm so excited really, sounds crazy, but I go nuts sitting at home. I'm just reading to dive head first into this new school year in 3rd grade!!! 

Love y'all! I'll be having a big sale coming up for my birthday and some giveaways!
Stay tuned lovelies:)

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  1. I'm jealous you get until Aug. 25. We have to go back on the 14th. Womp womp :(

  2. I am currently taking grad classes. My summer semester was crazy. Hoping this semester will be a little less stressful for me. I totally understand why you are wanting to get into your room. I would be going crazy if I couldn't get in. We are pretty lucky that we can usually get into our rooms all summer long minus like a week.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  3. Happy Birthday! My birthday is this month as well. We go back on the 18th and kids come the 25th. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)

  4. That feeling of not being able to get into your classroom when you have SO much to do is the worst! I'm trying to come up with a plan right now so I can get right to work when I finally get in. There's only so much you can do though!

    Teacher at Heart

  5. Happy Birthday! My birthday is Monday. We go back on the 12 and the students come on the 19th!

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one. That is so fantastic that your mom comes to help you get your room ready. I have several PD books I need to finish as well. One of them is Crash Course too. I have heard great things about it! Once you've finished let me know what you thought.

    Luv My Kinders

  7. The Book Whisperer is SOO good!!! :) It's an easy read. I have 2 books I have to read...instead I'm reading Mindi Kaling's book, haha!