Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School : Sales, Birthday, Prep!

Well hellooooo! I can not believe STILL that it is August 3. My birthday is in TWO days, I am not ready to be 25. Womp womp. Then I have surgery on Thursday which I am excited about! (It's for my sinuses and deviated septum) 

I am not sure which of you are back to school yet, we go back the 25th with kids. The week before is PD and the week before that August 11-13 I have some PD things I have to go to! I'm trying not to be a total wreck because we haven't received the OK to get into our rooms yet. *Insert super stressed out Cassie face here*

BUT -- I have created quite a bit this summer and I am still creating. Wishing the BTS sale was a week later, but I have a lot in store for you since it is also my birthday MONTH ;) 

Don't miss this!!! I want to show you a few things I have in my cart that I couldn't say no to, and a few things I've created that I think will help you with your BTS blues :) 

So first things first, I am OBSESSED with Krista Wallden over at Creative Clips. Majority of my products include her clipart. I  have had her monthly memberships since they've started as well as the Summer VIP -- SO WORTH IT. Get it. Now. If you haven't. So with that being said, two things in my cart already are 
I just can't not get this. It's such a good deal. 

Now that I'm moving to third grade and I read over our standards as well as listen to the veteran teachers on what the kids come in having trouble with there are certain things I need for next year that I will buy and in the end create similar but differentiated products because, well, not every student is the same, right? So, I have joined the Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd fan club by putting in my cart this: 
It covers SO much of what for some reason we refresh with our kiddos. So I'm excited to see how she puts things together and get her products in my Daily 5 rotations.

I have a few other things in my cart, but these are the biggies for me right now. 

As for what you SHOULD purchase from me ;) 

I just created the neatest little BTS cubes you can get here

They're only $1!
I also love all of the posters and labels I've created. 

you can find everything here in my TPT store !

Do you know what this means?! I am going to giveaway a secret surprise on my birthday!!! So you'll have to stay tuned. 
BUT my birthday is August 5 on Tuesday, during the sale, if you buy something, you can get something for FREE from my store (equal or lesser value) 

Also, every day of the sale I will mark my most wishlisted items at random to $1, you have to figure out which items are at $1. Tricky tricky I know. ;) 

Be on the look for a 3 of these to be randomly at $1 on certain days

Love you guys!! Don't forget to check back with me on Tuesday!!! :) 

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  1. Happy birthday for the 5th!!! I was mine yesterday. We are almost twins :)
    Learning to be awesome