Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers are Heroes

Well, I have to admit... after dealing with tax season, I definitely don't feel like many others out there think "teachers are heroes" - it was an eye opener to me this year. That's the truth. BUT no matter what, I know we are and I will stand by that until the day I am no longer here. With that in mind, I am so excited that Teachers Pay Teachers is providing us with a Teachers are Heroes sale February 25 & 26! Something that is much needed, for our minds and our wallets! I have linked up with my fellow Texas friend Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner  to share what we have in our baskets for the sale! 

This is Jessica Hursch's - The Teacher Talk's pack on TPT . I love everything ELA she makes! She's also an inspiration for my own creations. We are recovering things a lot now, spending more time on individual standards and this pack is JAM PACKED. I love all that in contains, it's been on my wishlist for months! It covers everything text features that needs to be covered. 

This is a powerpoint from my sweet friend Deb Hanson - which you can get here.  I think I have purchased every single one of her powerpoint lessons. I love them for my students. It allows me to follow the gradual release model to a T. She provides many opportunities for the students to interact with whatever the topic is. It's fantastic. If you teach 2nd-4th, I highly recommend her powerpoints! 

Everyones favorite task card girl - amiright?! :) I go to Teaching with a Mountain View WEEKLY. These are something we are actually working on this week and the last week, but these kids needs practice, practice, practice. I use these for scoot, print in black and white and they do them in their notebooks, I also use them as a type of formative assessment. So many ideas, and she blogs about them all here. You can find this pack here

Yes, another lady whose printables I just can't get enough of. I started buying these in December I think, and I have purchased every month since. They are thorough and cover a wide range of standards. I love the first month I did them there were things my students and I hadn't covered yet, so that was an entry point to a huge discussion. It was the best teaching moment I could present for them - and the kids love getting these complete and working together. She also has some for holidays that are grammar packs that I just can't live without! You can find them here

We are reiterating expository text next week and I found this and just love! Inside she provides: 
Text Structures Anchor Chart
Description Reading Passage - about elephants
Description Graphic Organizer
Sequence Passage - about how hurricanes form
Sequence Graphic Organizer
Compare/Contrast Passage - about two different deserts
Compare/Contrast Graphic Organizer
Cause/Effect Passage - about metamorphic rocks
Cause/Effect Graphic Organizer
Problem/Solution Passage - about improving basketball skills
Problem/Solution Graphic Organizer

Great for giving an explicit example of each structure and setting students up to identify these structures in other expository text. 
(taken from her description) 

I mean talk about a steal! I can use those organizers multiple times as well. I love that she includes passages. 
You can find this pack here

So I am going to include these in the same post since they are by the ever-so-wonderful Rachel Lynette! I buy her task cards like Teaching with a Mountain View - WEEKLY. We use these in multiple ways, but my students are so used to her layout as well as TWAMV that they expect to see them when we are learning things. Which makes my job a lot easier after month 2! You can find these packets here and here. Also, don't tell my students, but sometimes I buy her 4th/5th grade task cards to challenge my kiddos. It's hard for them at first, but I have some students who bust their booties to get those answers correct and I love love love seeing that! 
Now, I know I'm not math, but my partner is and she is currently teaching this right now! It's something I know that our babies need a lot of help on and my friend created this bundle, I loved it so much I wanted to throw in some math for you readers since all I talk about is ELA! You can find Debbi's pack here. I have to say, I love teaching perimeter and area - we are having to teach math during intervention time and I am actually loving it (shhh, this is between us, don't tell anyone! ha) But it is a lot of fun to me, I guess because it takes away the complexity of reading and it's so black and white. BUT - math can be made so much fun just like Debbi has done here!!! I love her stuff and I know you will too! Check it out! 

So far that's what I've got - but I can promise you what you don't see (the clipart, the backgrounds, all that) that's where my pocket book gets real sad ;) 

I hope I have introduced you to some new products that will get you curious and as always if you don't follow me on other avenues, please do! I am not an avid blogger - like I should be, but I have good reason. My iPhone camera stopped focusing, so nothing I take is clear :( I'll get it fixed when I have time--- those magic words -- when I have time...... 

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Have a great week y'all! 

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