Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 days in to SB

Good afternoon, all! 

I have been working as often as I can over Spring Break on new units and ideas for the rest of the semester. Then I have days like today where I literally slept off and on on the couch until 1:30pm. Super unproductive, but apparently my body knows me best. Here are previews of the two units I've uploaded this week: 

If you feel like these units could benefit you, please visit my store 
They are both on sale until I am off Spring Break. 

I have some serious units I need to dive in to and get finished before this break is up so I can create instead of buy. But sometimes buying is just so much more easier (fault alert!!!) 
Thanks to all of the rest of you for all your hard work. This is not easy and I still feel exhausted after working on things for just 3 days. 

I have also been reading "Teaching With Intention," by Debbie Miller, and I will post my book study on here when I am finished. What an amazing book. Thanks to Deanna Jump for the recommendations. 

Have a blessed day, y'all! 
Cassie Thomas 

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