Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ohhhh, Monday :)

Hello friends! :) 

I have been working this evening, who hasn't right? It's Sunday, I wait until the last minute. Oh well.. haha. 
this week we are going over again story elements and also during science discussing living and non-living. So to incorporate the two together I created a quick document 
With this document the kiddos record a lot while we read aloud. Then they make their decision based upon their data. 
So our first book we are reading tomorrow is A Pocket For Corduroy. So in the box that says "Who" they will draw a picture of Corduroy, this allows them to recognize who the character is. Then below they will jot down 2-4 traits they think will help in figuring out if he is living or non-living. (the first time I all do this with them, then the next few books they can figure it out on their own) 
Next, we as a group pick which traits were "real" (living) or "fake" (nonliving). Then on the right side, this helps with their comprehension and lets me know they paid attention, they will just draw a quick picture of their favorite part of the beginning, middle, and end. 

Once we have read, finished the sheet, and discussed. They will then take their answers on their recording sheet and circle living or non-living. This allows me to know which children are understanding of the traits of living vs. non-living. 

Hope this can help you in someway!! :) Have a great night!
Mrs. Thomas 

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