Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Secret Admirer....

I am so excited to share with you what I am a part of now! :) Amanda, over at The Primary Gal, has set us up with bloggers we've secretly been admiring. Now, I have a TON and being new I know I don't have many people who know me or about me, plus a majority of my information is ALWAYS on my Facebook page! Once again I apologize for that, but Facebook is really so much easier for me. I'm SO busy! 

ANYWAYS --- I want to involve you all in on how much fun this is for me! I will give you clues ALL this week Monday-Friday (Yes I know it's Tuesday, forgive me, we didn't have school yesterday) so I will share with you TWO clues today!! 

Each clue guides you closer and closer to the blogger who I've had my eye on, and would love to be friends with ;) 

If you guess my blogger admirer I even will throw in a product of mine for you from my store! So with that being said, he's my first clue:

Hmmmm.... Pretty tricky. I know SEVERAL who have been nominated for this amazing award.

So now I will give you my second clue: 

Now I know some of you don't know what my puppy looks like, that's why you should head to my instagram --- @mrs_cmt1489

Guess away!!!!!!!!! 

Have a blessed evening! Stay tuned!!!!! 

Mrs. Thomas 

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