Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Math Centers (and random shots of Wednesday)

Hello all! Goooood evening! What a busy week this has been! I am so excited exhausted! (as well as excited, but more exhausted) 

So, I just uploaded my new Spring Math Centers to my TPT store. YOU can find them here.
I have had a hard time in my first year organizing and implementing center time. Our days are SO different I feel that others. We don't do common core, and we as a district don't implement daily 5. BUT -- I LOVE the concept of Daily 5 and I want to learn more about it. I have finally figured out an organization method to center madness. 
My room is TINY, and shelving is seriously scarce. I have purchased almost all of my own shelves. So before I was using this awkward shape shelf for all of my centers. Wasn't working. 
I have researched a ton of ideas from Kristen Smith over at A Day in First Grade. Her stuff is AMAZING. I find myself constantly stalking her blog.

ANYWAYS - this was what I ended up with my math station looking like: 
It looks super messy right now, forgive me, but the kids put everything back themselves, so I'm not complaining! 
I have the math tub labels, and I play on putting them for my usual freebie on Sundays on my Facebook page.

Here are a few shots from the first day of these math only centers. 

So here, I guess I didn't get a during picture. But this is also a freebie on my Facebook page. You have to be a fan :) 
They roll the dice twice and put the flowers down for the addends, then count them up and write the answer in the sum. Then I have them record the problem on a dry erase board. Looks like the picture below! 

This center is from my friend Keri's TPT store! Love it. You can find it here. 

This is my Bear-y True / False addition game!

This is not included in my Spring centers, but it's available FOR FREE on my Facebook page! :) 
These two kiddos were playing bingos. The cards are in my little chick holder. They loved this. 
The March erasers were their manipulatives to help them count! 
This is my skip counting! I love it. They were so excited to work together and then switch to the next person! There are 2s, 5s, and 10s included! 

So not only did we have a TOTAL blast with math centers. We worked on CvC, CCvC, and CvCC words this morning as well as spelling our sight words. This is how we worked on that: 

Then we wrote to our pen pals! My sweet friend Elyse from A is for Apples! You can find her at her Facebook page here

WHAT a DAY!!!! So now I'm going to leave you with my THIRD clue for my secret admirer.

Remember if you guess it correctly, you can choose a prize from my store! 

Have a great night y'all! Love you all!!! :) 
Mrs. Thomas