Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently

Holy smokes, y'all! It's already June ---- whattttt.... So I linked up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade

to Disturbia! It's one of my favorite movies and I was scrolling through and had to turn it on, I haven't really watched it. I was hooking up my new printer and trying to get that together, it's a mess.

It was over 100 today and I was loving sweating!! Wahoooooo. I'm a little weird I know, but I was so over the cold weather! 

It makes my heart super sad to think about. Wednesday is our last day in Kinder and I am beside myself. My very first year done, and better than I could have ever thought up. Now I have been asked to move to third so my little booty is trying to get in the third grade mind set while not totally forgetting my love for my babies!!! 

Lemon in my Dr. Pepper is allll me. I am addicted and craving one right about now. My pup and I may need to roadtrip to Sonic, aka 30 second away haha.


Okay so my EOY gifts are just laying all over the house and I am here typing this, I will get to it before Wednesday that is all that matters right. Don't judge me! ;)

Summer bucket list:
Now I have a bunch of things on my list, but the most important things I need to do are what's listed.
I need sleep,
I need to get my health in check and I more than definitely need to relax. 

That means I have about 3 weeks of summer to myself, and that's it. I also need to get organized and ready for next year in one of those times, so ya know. Months of for summer the critics say, pssssshhhh I work year round in this career. Jerks! ;)

Love ya'll! Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Thomas 


  1. I came over from Currently, I was almost watching Disturbia too, but it is dark and storm here, so I chickened out!! :)
    I'm your newest Bloglovin' follower!
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    1. Ohhhh, Disturbia isn't real scary ;) I wish it was storming here!!!! I love a good storm! Glad to have you :)


  2. What are you giving your kids as gifts? Congrats on finishing up your first year! Thankfully, once it's behind you, you never have to have a first year ever again!!

    1. I have sandbuckets packed with a disc of all the pictures from this year, The Last Day of Kindergarten book, and a big piece of chalk, small thing of bubbles, I can't even remember haha. Just little knick knacks. Then the tag says this year was a bucket full of fun! :)
      Thank you!

  3. visiting from Currently! I have never heard of Disturbia, but if it's scary I will pass I don't like scary movies! ;) I am already out! I finished my 11th year this year but I remember my first like it was yesterday! Nothing like it! I taught K back then too! I love how far they come in a year! Lemon in DR. Pepper?!?!?!? I love DP but have never had it with lemon, never heard of such a thing! Maybe I will have to try it! Enjoy your summer and re-charge!

    1. It's not REAL scary, it's more suspenseful than anything, the first time I watched it I just got real stressed out. haha. Congratulations!! I know, the growth has brought me to tears!!! Yes, lemon! It sounds crazy, but I absolutely love it!!!! :)
      Thank you!! Enjoy your summer too!!!!

  4. Ugh! I wish I lived near you but I am all the way in Pennsylvania where teaching jobs are SCARCE! Congrats on making it to your last week of your first year! I hope you have a great summer : )

  5. I wish I loved the heat... I love it if I am by water, but not in a classroom without air conditioning (our current situation). I'm a third grade teacher and I LOVE it! It's a great age! I hope your transition will be a smooth one! Cheers to your first year and for summer to begin!

    Tales of a Teacher

  6. My EOY gifts haven't even been purchased yet, so you're a step ahead of me! 100 degrees! Yowza!