Monday, December 1, 2014

December Currently

I am linking up this week with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade! I haven't had hardly anytime to blog on here, I've been on my facebook a lot and our collaborative blog The Primary Pack !

I am sitting in my room right now during recess listening to Christmas music and watching the fire place on youtube :) 
Super relaxing!!

Loving that I get to go see my family in 15 days!!! I'm so ready! It's been way too long!

Thinking - I'm so tired. That's really all I can think about. 

Wanting - Sleep. See above post. ha. It's also doing this super misting stuff and I don't like it. My pants are wet and it's bothering me.

Needing - My desk is already a disaster and it's not even noon. I'm not super prepared for this week or the next two, but today we started a novel study and my kids were so excited! Should've been doing this all along!!

Everyone go visit my partners store! Stephanie at Step On Me Moreno on Teachers Pay Teachers!!

I'll post some more during these three weeks! I am absolutely in LOVE with all things Christmas!!!
Christmas last year:

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog Cassie! Third grade is so much fun! I always admired the teachers whose desks were so organized but I remember mine was often messy before noon too : ) My book, The Pancake Menu, is sure to be a hit with your 3rd graders. Can't wait to share it with all the teachers out there. Take care, and don't worry about not posting as often as you want. We are all busy... Have a great December!
    Kids Math Teacher

  2. Hi Cassie,
    What a perfect way to spend recess time! I think the district I worked in would have had all of that blocked so it wouldn't have been an option to connect with the "outside world." It would absolutely drive me nuts to have my desk messy. I once subbed for a teacher who had nothing on her desk but her sub plans for me and it was awesome. I tried to always do that when I had my one desk. I'd start and end the day with a spotless desk...the in between was a little different story, ha!

    Have a great December and enjoy spending time with your family in the coming weeks.

    Sara J Creations

  3. Very cute blog. Thanks for sharing. Have a great December.