Monday, March 30, 2015

Procedural Text

Testing is nearing in and my life has been CRAZY! We've been reviewing for our STAAR state test and also still covering some TEKs that our students needed a little extra work on. One of which is - procedural text. I threw together a quick pack so that I could have some activities for two days to do with my kiddos. I loved how it came together today. My morning is so different from my afternoon I have to switch it up.

I projected the passages on the board and had the students read the passage and questions to themselves. 

I had the students split their desk in 4ths with a dry erase marker and record their answers. I walked around and checked. :) THEN - we did an independent activity where they wrote their own procedures. 

They couldn't tell their friends so that when they finished they got to read out loud their steps and the class had to guess what they were giving them steps to do. This brought out my shy ones out of their shell! So much fun! 

I then hung up the final products on our focus wall for both classes to see!

You can find my procedural pack here:

Thanks for visiting! Hope to be back more with test review!

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