Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break in Review

Holy smokes. It's Friday... of my spring break. I am almost beyond embarrassed to even link up with my friend Sandy at ELA everyday for this link up because my spring break was BORRRRRING. But I will share a few things! You can link up at her blog also!

Spring break always seemed to last SO long when I was actually in school or college, now that I'm a teacher I strongly believe this ecard:
Depressing, right!? I count down the days for school weeks to end, the hours even. I woke up and was in complete denial it was Friday of my spring break.
Here are a few things I did:


I spent ALL DAY binge watching the new season of Pretty Little Liars. I was way behind, and it definitely is not a husband show. I don't care if I'm not a girl in high school or college anymore. I want their clothes, all of them :) 

Judge me :) 

I spent a lot of time moving things from the office to the guest bedroom to start planning for baby. I also got in a bunch of things I had ordered. 

I'm just so in love with these. Maybe it's the teacher in me, I don't know. But these books hold a special place and it's setting the color scheme and tone for the baby's nursery. (We find out the gender March 28! :) Keep a look out!) 

Told my husband to get ready, he's wearing baby everywhere ;) 
We also buy pampers everytime we go to the store. We are a little crazy! 

This was technically earlier this week. I'm now 13 weeks today! But Baby T is getting bigger :) 

I also spent a whole day getting things printed off and creating something I so desperately needed for my kiddos. 
A STAAR review.
I created category 1, which seems to honestly be the biggest struggle for my kiddos. Dang vocabulary. So I made some fun activities. 

  I also created an extra set in the pack for those of you who aren't from Texas and need to include your standards. I'm telling you - lifesaver! Click on the pictures to take you to the link!
And... last but not least...

This is what I remember doing most of the time. 

Don't forget to go link up with Sandy and share your crazy Spring Break adventures which I hope were much more exciting than my random runs to Sonic for a peach sweet tea or the sushi place to eat some COOKED fried sushi :( <--- pregnancy probs!

Thanks for visiting, I still have 2.5 more days to enjoy, husband comes home today WAHOO!!!

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