Monday, May 4, 2015

End of Year

Whew! I still yet have not blogged like I wanted. This has been a stressful  busy year, to say the least. I wanted to share with you my last few weeks of school. They're still jammed pack and I'm working my tail end off trying to get these students prepared for 4th grade. The sentences and writing may get pushed back because, well, it's not that great, they need a lot of work, sadly. They are definitely not in the publishing phase. So we are working, hard hard hard. :) Here is a peek at the next few weeks! We are switching novel studies with other third grade ELAR teachers. 

So, it looks nice and all laid out, but we all know how the last few weeks go. I got so behind last week I am playing catch up. My teacher table looks a wreck. It's crazy! 

I wanted to also share how I organize my guided reading groups. 

They are organized by levels, as well as interest. You can see group  4 AM is all girls -- they have a very different taste that group 3. That doesn't mean they're any lower, my boys just would rather not read Amber Brown books ;)

So the biggest drawback to this year was our schedule. It has changed, oh, about 5 times. No joke. 5 doesn't sound like a lot, but when you have kids you need routine and schedule, it's a lot. When you also have a teacher who needs routine and schedule... IT'S A LOT. Here's what my FINAL, end of year schedule has came to.

Any questions?! :) 

I got this wonderful layout and tweaked a little bit from The Teacher Talk! I just love Jessica's work! 

Have a great end of year! 

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