Friday, June 5, 2015

Five For Friday - June 5

WHEW! I did it! Made it through year 2! With still minimal blogging. I am horrible at time management. Sorry! I thought I would join in for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the "last" Friday of my year! Technically, we ended yesterday at 1pm - but we are back today to work in rooms, district breakfast, and meetings. So here's a look back at the last week/two weeks/ and some important information I really want to share with you all!!

I get to spend 4 days this summer at The Writing Academy in Kemah, TX! I am SO excited! This is the curriculum that our campus uses for writing - which is what I am going to be teaching next year!!! I am getting to loop with my precious babies and move from ELAR to strictly writing and grammar! I am so interested to be a part of the looping process and see all the data (nerd alert) that comes from having the same kiddos twice!! 

So our final field trip this week was to Main Event in San Antonio, Texas! I had never heard of this place until we got to go. It was SUCH a blast! There was bowling, billiards, a rope course, arcade, laser tag, and yummy food! The kids had a blast! I don't know about you, but a huge perk to me working in a low socioeconomic district is getting to take students to things for the first time in their lives. They had never been happier than they were there, finally getting to be kids! Melts my heart! Here is a picture of some of my kiddos getting ready for laser tag. We wore the pink shirts. Didn't help us out much! ha

So, with moving to 4th grade I wanted to make my room next year feel like home and comfortable. So I decided to go with the burlap/nature theme! Soft earth tones! I created these letters that are in my TPT store if you are looking for some with burlap and real photos! 

We did a week of camping out last week and the kids had a blast! I created some quick review of grammar and writing. It was so much fun. We even had some amazing parents bring in some awesome tents! My partners took up her entire room!!! Check out all of our kiddos in there!

Disclaimer: I swear our kids are happier than they look in this picture hahaha. 

On our last day, yesterday, my third grade team threw baby showers for three of us that are pregnant at the elementary! It was so nice, and so amazing. The third grade team bought my husband and I this amazing chair from Target! I am so thankful!!! Those of you in search of a glider - this chair will make you never want to get out so buy at your own risk! Again, thank you ladies!!

The last one I am going to make about myself and my sweet little baby, Gunner. My husband built us this sign for his nursery and I am in love. We are all about the hunting/nature/camping theme in our lives! (His sheets are camo) Poor child has zero chance at not being country!!! I would love to see pictures of any of y'alls nurseries, past or present!

I hope y'all have an amazing summer! For those of you still in school - you're almost there!!!! The end is near!!! 

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  1. Congratulations on surviving year 2! I am glad that you are moving on to 4th grade with me! I haven't decided yet how I am going to decorate...

    I loooooove the nursery sign!! That is SO SWEET!!!!!

    School and the City