Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently: JULY !

I can not believe it is July 1st. So much to do this month and I know how quickly this month will FLY by. I can't even begin to think about that.

As always, it's the first, so I love linking up with my good friend Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

I swear, it's summer and my TV until about 7pm stays on TNT. I am a sucker for reruns of Bones and Castle. Especially Castle. His personality is my husband's hand down, so I love watching while my husband is at work!

I just have got to learn how more to enjoy it. Planning for Mr. Gunner and trying to get maternity plans together, on TOP of my masters homework, I won't even allow myself a couple days to have fun. It's been real hard. I need to learn how to balance. I find myself constantly stressing about school too. See Kristen's post on our collab blog The Primary Pack for EXACTLY how I am feeling. 

All about my To-Do list.
Ugh. Research proposal for my research grad school class. 
Finish nursery.
Stock up on diapers.
Homework, daily. 
Maternity plans.
Dollar Tree.
Clean garage.
Redo furniture.
Cook new meals.
UMM - I could go on, but you get the point lol.

This weather in Texas has been INSANE this summer. The rain has been off the charts. Which results in horrible humidity that is so hard for me to breathe in while pregnant. My crazy 2 yr. old nephew doesn't even like being out there that long unless we are near water, he tells me, "Man, Cassie it's way hot out here, let's go inside." He's the best. 

I am still having such a hard time learning budgeting. I know and understand it, I just can't get into a good routine. Something comes up every month where I need more money than I assumed, which means I pull from savings and then have to pay myself back the next month. Then it starts all over. How do people get ahead!!!! :( 

All-Star Cassie:
I swear, I can give you the BEST advice, especially when it comes to relationships. I just was never good at listening to my own words. I also learned that I was right a high majority of the time, and friends still don't even really listen, especially females. They're always going to do what they want in the end. It's a girl thing I guess, but it's aggravating. Don't say Cassie didn't try and tell you ;) 

Go link up everyone! Can't wait to read about your currently :) 

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  1. I feel your pain about trying to get ahead on expenses. My wife and I have worked really, really hard to get credit cards and student loans paid off, but there never seems to be enough money. I guess we just keep plugging away, right?

  2. Bugeting is SO hard! My husband and I have been trying to get in a routine, and just like you said, every month something comes up. A new set of tires, 6 months of car insurance, a large vet bill, the list goes on and on. Sometimes, when I feel really bugety (that's not a word, but I'm going to use it anyway), I look on Dave Ramsey's website. I don't follow everything he says, but it does give me some motivation and a little bit of willpower. For one, my husband and I found a Taco Tuesday in our town where tacos are $1. That sounds little (and it's not too fun eating it every week), but for suppers on Tuesdays it costs less than $5 for both of us to eat. We get to save the extra money that we might have spent on better food, soft drinks, etc. It's not the best for your body probably, but when money is tight and you're full, it makes you feel better. ;) We've got a long way to go with our bugeting, but someday we'll make it out on top! You all will too! Good luck to you!

    Kelsey Buckles
    Simply Magical Learning

  3. I hear you about the humidity! I'm from the Chicago area and it's been so rainy in the midwest lately! We've had some relief lately, so I'm praying Texas will too!!! Happy blogging :)

  4. Wow...I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I got home yesterday (last day of school), but not nearly as much as when I read your "to do" list! lol

    Good luck in getting it all done, and on the upcoming arrival of your little one!

  5. I've heard Dave Ramsey is good for the budgeting thing...but you have to pay for it which is a little besides the point if you ask me. Dude's gotta make money though I guess. Just know you're not the only one! :)
    Terrific Teaching and Learning