Monday, July 6, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Week 3 Make your Masterpiece

Whew. I almost didn't get this done in time! It's been a crazy holiday weekend and past few days of traveling back to Oklahoma for a baby shower!
So this week was make your masterpiece! Create a new product!

So, I worked really hard to get some first few weeks task cards together to review and go over the main parts of speech with my kiddos! 

They are with "back to school theme" and they cover nouns (common/proper), verbs (past/present), adjectives, and adverbs! The sentences are a little harder than I typically would've made last year, with some good vocabulary words that students need to know by 3rd/4th grade!

I will have it marked down for a few days and you can find it in my TPT store!

I've only uploaded a few other products this summer, trying to relax. You can find those in my store also, just head to most recent! 

and classroom alphabet posters

Can you tell what my theme is next year?!

Also, for Shark Week I have a sell going on in my store!!! 

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  1. Hi Cassie,
    Your grammar task cards look great! Task cards are always a fun way to get in some review. Your students are going to love them!
    Antoinette :)
    Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies

  2. Wow, that was a ton of work! I think the camp and nature alphabet is so cute! Pinned it!
    Not very fancy in 1st

  3. I love your classroom labels! What a cute design!