Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day -- From Super Blog Slacker

Okay, y'all. I am so sorry I have been absent. Blogging is just one thing that's so hard for me to do daily or even weekly. We do so much during the day and I come home and just want to relax! But, lately I've been super sick and was even home on Friday with my husband using a sick day. It's been bad around here. :(. BUT -- I have been working hard on this just for you all. Especially a huge sight word bundle. These are what the sheets look like: 
I absolutely have loved having these in my classroom for my kiddos to use. I want to explain a little bit how they work.

We come in from lunch and have about 20 minutes before we go to computers (terrible scheduling I know, all on me) So to ensure that the transition was easy and actually learning "worthy," I created these sheets and dedicated this time to sight word lessons. 

So, the kiddos come in and get the paper off the purple table. Then they have the option to travel around the room to the different tables set up to the parts for the sheet. Red table has two boxes of crayons, yellow table has colored pencils, blue table has stamps and stamp pad, and green table has a box of sharp pencils. 

They have the option to go wherever they want first and rotate however they want, and surprisingly it all equals out and no one place is every too crowded. I love it! Before they turn it in to me they have to come and tell me the word, and read me the sentence. Now I know some of my kiddos aren't going to read it fluently, and that's fine, that gives me another opportunity to work with them on sounding out, blending, chunky monkey, eagle eye, etc.

If they get finished quickly they then go to the rug, and get their reading book from the library and look for sight words. They can use highlight tape to put over the word, or they can write it on a whiteboard and come show me the words as they find them or at the end of the story. The best feeling is when we did the about sheet and I had a student come to me and immediately find it in his book and he was so proud he could finally read that word :) I love it. 

Here are some sheets in the process: 

When I get this finished I will be giving a couple away. I'm still working on it, I will have included from the Dolch Word List - PrePrimer, Primer, 1st, and a few from 2nd. 
Let me know if you have any other words you would like to see included. Our list meets neither Fry nor Dolch so I'm trying to include as much as I can!

With that said, I also created a huge Beginner to Kinder bundle!
You can find it here: Beginner to Kinder

If you don't want ALL of this, you can just get A-Z learning sheets here: ABC's

Holy smokes, so much going on! 

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks. It's sure been so busy. I have family here this weekend too, so I'm trying to sneak in a blog post and get some things done later tonight for next week. It's dinosaur week in Mrs. Thomas's Class, can't wait to be paleontologists! ;) 

Happy Mother's Day! :) 

Learning about animals, and we read "If I Had Animal Teeth."

Introducing research and the importance of text features, text evidence, schema, etc. :) 

We were bug hunters, and we have our own little insects in the classroom :) 

Ahh, hopefully I can get more to you all soon! Thanks for being YOU!

Mrs. Thomas 


  1. Those alphabet stamps look fantastic!! Where did you find such a gem?! :)
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples