Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sight Word Sheet Rotations

Hello Friends!!! :) 
I have been SO busy lately. The end of the year is crazy, especially as a first year teacher. I am realizing things I do not like and things that are most certainly going to be different next year. (On that note, I could be having a huge announcement coming up. Oh boy!) Anyways, back to why I am here! 

Earlier I have told you all briefly about sight word rotations that I do with my kids every day. 
When we come back in from lunch we have around 15-20 minutes after a restroom break to kill before we go to computers. So I created sight word sheets for my kids to do in this time to learn and reinforce sight words. 
As they walk in they have they grab the paper off of purple table, and then they make their way to whatever table they want to start at. Once I see that most of the kids have their paper and are all sitting we pause and we say the word that we are doing the sheet over, and then they spell word. Then they continue and rotate between each table. Green table has the box of pencils where they write the word, and use it in a sentence. Blue table has a few sets of stamps. Yellow table has the colored pencils, and red table has two boxes of crayons they use. 

Now that we have been doing these for so long, they get done very quickly. So depending on the word, we may throw in another word that day. If not, they go to the rug, get their reading book and that quietly read. Some days I may have them use highlighting tape to find sight words in their books, other days they write the sight words from their books on a dry erase board, or in their journal. Anything to help reinforce the sight words while the others are still finishing up their papers. 

Here are a few pictures of the kids in progress: 

I try and send these home at the end of every day only so that the parents can see what word we worked on and are silently reminded that we need to know these words, and the importance of them knowing these words. 

So, I have created lists for all of YOU that include all of the Dolch Sight Word lists from Pre-Primer to Grade Three. 

The units are on my TPT site right now. 

I have also created a HUGE bundle of all five of them for a discounted price than if you bought separately. That will be uploaded on May 18, that evening. 

They are now uploaded in my store! In my featured!

Love y'all!
Mrs. Thomas 

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