Sunday, February 23, 2014

Facebook Free For All

Well, my goodness!!! I participated in the Facebook Free For All this time around, and I have gained almost over 500 new followers on my Facebook page. Which in the end means I am going to have to keep up with my blog more :) I am so so thankful for all of those who have stopped by to get the freebie. If you like what you downloaded, don't forget the full version is available at my store! My kids have loved what I made for them to play for March. I hope you all get a chance to use it as well. 
I know I don't have much in my store, but for those of you just now following, I'm a first year teacher who jumped in to all of this head first!!!! Call me crazy, believe me I feel crazy some times! BUT-- I have met some absolutely amazing teachers who I am so thankful for. After the Facebook free for all is over, I will blog about the freebie and leave it up for those who were late to get it as well as preview for some of my new units. 

Since it has been my first year, I have purchased quite a bit just for the fact I needed something right then, and I didn't have time to create. Given that, I will be creating almost ALL summer long so that I have my stuff and the stuff I have purchased to differentiate between for next year. I can almost guarantee my class will not be the same. I've heard it from every veteran teacher. 

Anyways -- Welcome!! I hope to start sharing more of my first year with you all, and a lot that I have learned to do, and what not to do! 

Have a blessed night!!
Mrs. Thomas 

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