Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Technology in my Classroom

Good Evening Friends!!

Might I warn you, I am unbelievably exhausted. Pretty sure I am delirious. So if I ramble and jumble up some words, pay no attention :) 

So today I FINALLY brought in more than 1 iPad for my kiddos. I know, I know. It's almost March and I shouldn't have waited this long, but my room was so cramped and I was really nervous of anything to get broken. But boy, do I wish I had brought them in sooner. This week is celebration of Texas Public Schools, so on top of other lessons, I am incorporating Texas into them all. So I had guided reading going on, making Texas Flags, and addition and subtraction on the iPads. The kiddos played a few free apps that were downloaded onto the iPads. There are some great apps on this site

I will tell you, my kiddos haven't been this excited to do math in awhile. They are getting so much better at addition, but when I transition to subtraction, I have my few who struggle.  I could hear them working together to do these games. I also heard some say they WANTED to do subtraction. WHAT! Who are these kids?! :) I was so happy. 

Needless to say, iPads will be used daily if not every other day in my classroom. I have those kiddos who only play games at home, or at least 99% of the time, and one of my boys who does NOT get excited about work, EVER, shouted at me, "I really like you, Mrs. Thomas, this is so AWESOME." 
:) Melt my heart!!

I have been SUPER busy, and will be until spring break (only 8 days left of school) Not that anyone is counting, who does that? 

Speaking of which.... You know what's in two days...
Now is the time to grab what's on your wish list. Don't forget to enter the code! Wish I had time to get more created before the sale, but I am pooped. Hope what I do have intrigues some of you. You can find my store HERE.

Have a blessed night y'all! :) 
Mrs. Thomas 

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