Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back To School: Behavior Management

Well, hello friends! Long time no talk ;) Things have been so busy around the Thomas household. Still will be. Then to add in to my life, I have surgery on my face on August 7 (2 days after my birthday, bummer) AND I just enrolled to my first two grad school classes! Time to educate myself get myself feeling healthier! Could NOT be more excited about the both of those.

Anyways, why I am here today is because I teamed up with Mrs. D over at Mrs. D's Corner and Ms. V over at Ms. V's Busy Bees for a Back to School blog link-up!!! Here is our weekly schedule 

So now, I am going to get to talk to you about my Behavior Management techniques and tricks. :) 

I started this year spending an entire week I feel like talking about expectations and rules. Which in the end I felt like it was the better thing to do. With kindergarten, they need to truly understand the rules and why they are there. So I read books, a lot of David talks, and we talked real life scenarios. 
I had them get up and act it out, over and over and over and then the others would get to discuss why it happened that way and alternatives to the "bad" behavior. 
I LOVED DOING THIS! I wish I had videos. :) 

I am such a firm believer in allowing them to create their own rules and then I have them sign it --- teachable moment --- discuss the Constitution and the laws you have to follow as a citizen and teacher. It really allows them to feel that you are trusting them in being independent. Sounds crazy, but just try it. What do you have to lose? 

My last tip for you - RELATIONSHIP. 
Build a bond with EVERY single one of your kids. Get to know them individually, not as a group. Do both, but get to know them personally on a deeper level. From Pre-K to senior year, kids need to feel that they can trust the adults in their life. If the kids feel that you will always have their back, they will respect you on a level you didn't even know existed. They would be DEVASTATED to upset you, and I learned this first hand last year and I will make it my goal for the rest of my life to touch each individual life. 

Have a great day y'all! Check it out next week for assessment! 

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  1. First, I love your blog design. So stinkin' cute! Second, best of luck to you in your surgery and everything else you've got going on (you are one busy girl!).

    I loved your post about behavior management! I, too, agree that building a relationship with your kiddos is one of the most important things to do. It makes them feel safe in your classroom and confident with you as their teacher. Love it!

    Thanks for linking up with us this week! Can't wait to read about assessment next week.


  2. You're a busy person right now! I totally agree with you about the building a relationship!!!! The most "trouble" you may have in a classroom are the first of the students that want to help you and do anything in their power to please you!!! Super cute blog! I'm your newest follower!!! :)
    Mixing it up in Middle

  3. First off, Thank you so much for linking up with Stephanie and myself. We're happy to have you.

    Second, WOW. You are busy!! I hope the surgery goes well and that you have a blast in your grad classes (and hopefully, they turn out better than mine did…).

    I REALLY like your Tip 2 and 3. The idea of having them sign a contract is not only a good idea to show they mean it, but also a good lesson - that we sign things when we want to stick by them (our signatures on cards, checks, driver's license, marriage certificates, etc.) and that we mean business when we do sign something. I like the connection to the Constitution!

    As for Tip 3, I have found that making a connection to students is one of the most powerful ways to establish classroom management. They have earned your trust and you have earned theirs, and they are MORE than happy to make you happy by following directions, rules, procedures, and anything else.

    I can't wait to see you for this week's link up on assessment!

    Miss V's Busy Bees