Saturday, July 19, 2014

Few last weeks of freedom...

Good evening friends! 
It's Saturday night, andddd here I am... Sad. I know. It's been a long weekend, and sadly school is closing in sight. I can't say sadly, I am very excited to be going to 3rd grade. So excited I still feel like I have so much to do!!! So last night I get this bright idea I need parts of speech posters, at 1:30AM. So what do I do? I make posters. 

I am giving 2 away on my facebook page! I am seriously SO excited to print these off. I'll post pictures when I get all my printed started and hopefully done in the next two weeks.

I also created this forever freebie 
It's free in my store forever. :) 

Then I ALSO just created a new fan freebie up on my facebook page! 

Please, check everything out! 

Are there any other important BOY posters I should have for 3rd grade? Even 2nd grade teachers can weight in :) 

Have a blessed night y'all!!

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