Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bucket List Check Off

I am super excited this evening! I was approved by the administration to be funded to attend the 2014 Texas Conference for Kindergarten Teachers in February! 
A few of my absolute teacher idols are going to be there presenting. Such a honor to be able to learn from them! Definitely marking this off my bucket list to get to see Deanna Jump and hear all about her innovative ways in the classroom! 
Beyond thankful to have the support of my administrators! 

As far as this week goes, I have had ZERO time to get any lessons planned for next week with testing for report cards. Worst idea ever to wait until AFTER break. (Take note new teachers, try and get as much done before break.) My kiddos have been great since we've been back, but they definitely want to do activities instead of sit next to me and I ask them questions. I don't blame them, just know my assessing will go differently next year. 
Live and learn. :) 

I have also decided to start creating literacy activities to be worked on while I pull aside those for guided reading groups. My children need more work on sentence structure and spelling so look forward to my next creation on that. Time to get my creative wheels rollin'.

With that said, I have planning to do, as well as packing! My husband and I are moving to our first house in less than a month. I have absolutely nothing packed. It will happen, when it happens. I am super excited for that as well! Lots of changes in the Thomas family! Lots of dreams being reached. 
Now if at some point I can find time to work in getting my master's that would be fantastic. Kudos to all of you who somehow have time to manage work, school, kids, TpT, friends, family, etc. I will say this until the day I die, 
there aren't enough hours in a day.

Mrs. Thomas 

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