Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Two New Activities

I have done SOME work over the break. Starting tomorrow since Husband goes back to work, I have quite a bit I would like to get finished. There are two new products I have finished to get back into the groove of things after this Christmas break! 
This is a similar game to my Christmas sight word buddy game that was my first product on TpT! I added more words and left blank sheets for you all to add whatever words you would like. 
You can find it here in my store!

The second product I finished is for your math centers! There are 34 pages with 5 different activities.

 They include: 
Adding & Subtracting Snowflakes - Children will add and take away snowflakes. 
Large group adding and subtracting activity
One to one correspondence in adding and taking away decorations to Frosty's house with prompt cards
Ten and Twenty frames
Before and After counting 
You can find this bundle here!

Have a blessed night!
Mrs. Thomas

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