Saturday, January 11, 2014

Freebie - A Work in Progress

I am absolutely AMAZED at all of these teachers who can make unit after unit. I don't know how y'all have the time or energy! Kudos. Cause I sure do love to purchase most of them. I am assuming it's part of being a first year teacher and just learning what the kids really need help with and the best way they learn. With that said, I feel like I should have pushed writing, creative writing especially, more earlier in the year. So I have decided to create these little books for my kiddos to put together to practice writing and reading while I am pulling groups aside for guided reading. I love love love centers, but I can't always be sure that they are retaining any information from centers (slash actually talking about the centers, or about recess) :) So, I would like to have centers while I can actually have time to walk around and sort of take anecdotal assessments over their conversations and help any who I see need more help in a particular area. 

As far as daily centers go, it may or may not ALWAYS happen. BUT -- I do do "morning tubs" where I include a ton of the centers I print off from TpT, and also a lot of writing, books, puzzles, sequencing activities, math activities, etc. They look like this: 
I include a lot of different things in them, but every week I switch  stuff out and they are rotated to a different table every day. You start out with your color tub. The kiddos LOVE these, and I am so happy that I switched to these instead of worksheets in the AM while I get their folders out. 
With that said, I would like to offer my first "book"

 for free on my TpT store! Leave me feedback if you like this product and if you want more! I will definitely post one for every single sight word! Thanks for visiting!

Have a blessed night!! 

Mrs. Thomas :) 

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  1. Hi Cassie! I'm Jessica, I just stumbled upon your blog and it seems like we are in the exact same position:) I just started my blog up as a new years resolution and am learning the ropes! Maybe we can help each other through all of these new things, check out my blog Hope to hear from you soon!