Thursday, October 22, 2015

Baby Registry Must (Should) Haves

Being a new mom comes with your brain opening to a whole new world out there that you had more than likely never thought about before.

There were a lot of things I immediately added to my registry, the basics of course, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. Then there were things I didn't even think about until right before he was here, or now that he's a month old I am finding myself going out and buying. 

These are my top 11 things that should definitely go on your registry so you aren't the first one to go out at 11pm at night and buy in a hurry! 

1. Aden + Anais Swaddlers - I know these are expensive, and if you can have someone else get them off your registry it's a great deal. I was given a TON of blankets and a few cloth swaddlers before Gunner got here, then I realized these blankets were light enough that he wasn't waking up drenched in sweat at night time. (Hot blooded like his daddy) 

2. Munchkin Bottle Drying Rack -  This rack holds a LOT. When you are breastfeeding and pumping you go through a lot of dirty bottles from moving milk to freezer bags or moving to all one bottle, etc. So I needed something that held a LOT and wasn't taking over a big space in my house. 

3. Buybuybaby Dish Drying Mat - I'm not a fan of water everywhere and constantly cleaning after washing bottles. My mom went out and found a baby drying mat at our local grocery store and I LOVE it. I found this one and it's super cheap!

4. Nosefrida - Now, before you judge this nose sucker just know YOU ARE NOT SUCKING IT INTO YOUR MOUTH. I was freaked out at first too, I promise. There's a filter and plastic blocking you from even getting anything you suck out. I don't think you should totally get rid of the sucker from the hospital, I still use that, but right now Gunner has serious congestion and I use the saline spray and then the nosefrida and I get everything out! It's a miracle worker.

5. BRICA Baby in Sight Mirror - Best $15 I have ever spent. As a mother you're constantly wanting to look at your baby and I felt the urge and need even more in the car. This eases my stress big time. 

6. Boppy - Luckily I was given one of these, but it never even crossed my mind to add one to the registry or to buy one. When anyone feeds Gunner it's a life saver. Now that he's a little bigger he can lean in it to sit up and he loves it. It has many uses and is well worth every dollar! 

7. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer - I didn't think I was going to need one of these ever, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal at all. Surprisingly at first it wasn't. Gunner LOVED cold bottles for a few weeks, then he hated them. My friend asked what I needed still and this was my immediate response. So now we have to make sure the bottle is warmed up in enough time for him to stop thinking he's never going to eat again ;) . 

8. Footless PJ's - This is a weird one, but something I have spend maybe $50 on already for little man. He is a longer baby and we didn't know that, who does? BUT he also is very warm blooded and gets hot super fast at night. He HATED the footies. He will wear them more now than the first 3 weeks, and those first 3 weeks I just wanted him comfy so I could get a full hour and half stretch sleep. These are AMAZING. I bought maybe 15 from The Children's Place. 

9. 10. 11. 
Gripe Water - How I wish I had had this on hand when his belly first started hurting. It's nerve wrecking to be a new mom and your child is in such discomfort and has the worst hiccups and you have no idea how to help. The first dose of this and he was like a new baby. It was amazing. 
Gas Relief Drops -  Breastfeeding equals blow outs a lot at the beginning, and a lot of gas. I haven't had to give this to little man much, but it helps get the gas out and even get the gas to poop whenever he has had trouble pooping the last few weeks. 
Saline Spray - We are a family of seasonal allergies and congestion. Poor baby inherited that for sure. He's been snotty for a few weeks and I started using the saline spray then the Nosefrida and it gets all those boogers out of his little nasal cavity. 

I hope these are a few ideas for you first time, second time, third time, etc. mommies. I looked up a lot of stuff and still missed things. It happens, plus every baby is different!!!

Happy parenting! :) 

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