Sunday, October 18, 2015

East Texas Photography - Maternity and Newborn Session

When I lived in Oklahoma I met April through a strange coincidence. April owned a 24 hour tanning business and I was all about that, and we had a lot of mutual friends, but I never actually knew her. When it came to getting signed up for tanning I had to get ahold of her through her personal phone number and sign up through her at the shop. Long story short, once we got to talking more and more, she became a sort of big sister I never had. We had a lot in common when it came to the loves of our lives, the one that got away, and came back. She gave me some of the best advice anyone had ever given me in my love life, as well as when I was job hunting. (Which I'm forever grateful for girl. Thank you!) As fate would have it, we ended up both moving to Texas within a couple weeks together, EXCEPT I moved to south Texas and she moved to more north/eastern Texas. 

April started her own photography business - she had always been one for her own businesses - but she started literally from the ground up. She taught herself, and it's phenomenal. 

When we found out we were pregnant, I kept seeing more and more of her pictures on her Facebook, and I knew I wanted her to take Gunner's pictures. 

Her and her Husband Stoney came down to go to dinner and take our maternity pictures in Gruene, Texas. 
It was HOT, and my legs look like STUMPS, but she did AMAZING.

After these I had told her we would make the trip up there for pictures of Gunner. I was super nervous about the trip with a few day old baby, but he did really well, and it turned out amazing. 

He gave us some heck at the beginning, little stink did NOT want to go to sleep. These are a few shots she was able to get while trying to get him to sleep. 

 Aren't these even AMAZING - nontraditional and still gorgeous. (Little partial to my little man, but you get my gist ;) ha)

Once we took some outside, she came back in and ended with the football pictures. You will see why. 

My advice to you, if you live in north/east/middle of Texas - take the time to make an appointment with April. My husband was so impressed with April and her passion for her "job" he could not stop talking about. She's fantastic and super affordable. I could not be more proud and obsessed with the shots she got of our pride and joy. 

You can see her portfolio here:

April does some of the cutest mini shoots too, for example, a circus theme - your kids will LOVE. 
We are heading back to Troup, Texas for Christmas minis with the family. Let me know if you live in the area and head her way. 

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