Friday, October 23, 2015

Hospital Bag Must (Should) Haves

Back again for some hospital bag ideas! 
Just know - I am no expert, and everyone is different, but these are a few should haves and must haves I could think of for your birthing stay!

First off, know your hospital policies and procedures. 
Our hospital was 24 hours-ish for vaginal delivery and 48 hours-ish for a csection. That's important to prepare for JUST IN CASE. 

Also, a friend of mine said at their hospital once Dad was there, he couldn't leave. Dad needs to prepare for that too in his bag. 

Mommy SHOULD Haves (This also goes with what you need at home too)

Sweatpants - Comfy is best. I see some women leaving the hospital dressed in Sunday's best and their makeup on point, please know you do not have to meet this standard. Comfortable and happy. You're going home to no sleep and an unbelievable love. Your baby will not care what you look like. 

No Slip Socks  The hospital has theirs, but if you want thinner ones or even clean ones, bring your own.

Tuck Pads  My hospital provided these while I was there, I made sure to ask for some more before I left. I ended up only buying one more before I didn't them anymore. They helped ease the discomfort tremendously! 

Nursing Tanks I wish I could say these were cheap, but I haven't found them anywhere under $20 but they are lifesavers. Gunner is almost 2 months old and I'm wearing them under clothes constantly instead of bras. 

Boppy  So important for feeding at the hospital. You will be exhausted and this helps you with holding the baby while you feed. 

Thick Pads Kotex was the only brand that didn't irritate me. The hospital pads are THE BEST. Stock up while you are there as much as you can.

Flip flops My shower was super clean so I didn't have any problems not wearing flip flops, but my swelling was real bad so I needed something that would fit. 

Baby SHOULD Haves

Going Home Outfit I was not one to be overly picky about what Gunner went home in, but if you are Etsy has the cutest! 

Diaper Bag  I had three different bags full of stuff for Gunner. Take one fully stocked (diapers, wipes, meds, blankets, etc.) 

Carseat Must have. Can't leave the hospital without one :) 

Socks Our room was pretty cool, and Gunner's hands and feet get out of a swaddle in a second. Socks help keep his body temperature comfortable. 

Mittens Luckily little man didn't scratch, but I have seen some babies working in daycares who scratched their faces until they bled. This is where the mittens come in handy! 

Baby Book  Make sure you get baby's footprints and handprints! 

Sleepers  I made sure and had NB and 0-3 just in case for Gunner. He wore NB a lot longer than I expected, but I had taken 4 in case. Which was good cause he peed all over one on the second night! 

Daddy SHOULD Haves

Dad is going to be bored, don't let him fool you. Have him bring his laptop/iPad/iPhone, something. Our hospital had TVs so we watched movies, but I know the husband was real bored. 

Snacks This is for you too. All the things you couldn't have and craved while pregnant, bring them or have someone bring them. If you have the baby in the middle of the night you are going to be hungry afterwards usually. Snacks help when nothing else is open. 

Blanket and Pillow The hospital will more than likely have blankets and pillows, but if your husband is super picky - make sure he brings his own. 

Comfy clothes He's going to be sitting around/laying around with you. He doesn't need to be in his Sunday's best. 


Phone Charger  You are also going to be bored if you are getting induced or scheduled csection, a lot of wait time. You don't want to just sit there, you will go stir crazy.

Medela TenderCare Lanolin Oil This was my favorite brand. You can also use coconut oil! The Laniosh Lanolin stained my clothes with an oil stain and I was real unhappy. 

Phone This is what we used for pictures, if you have a camera and want pictures on there, make sure you bring that too!! 


That first shower to wash your hair will be magical, as well as when you can finally brush your teeth. Don't forget these items! 

Robe This was important for me. I didn't wear regular clothes until we left, but the robe is so easy to breastfeed and use the bathroom, etc. 

Happy parenting! :) 

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  1. I love this blog post. It brought back memories of my first baby being born. She's all grown up and heading off to the Marine Corps soon. Enjoy your little one...time flies.